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    Becoming a Brand Ambassador (cont.)

    Remember when I mentioned a while back the many sites you could visit to become a brand ambassador? (If not, don’t worry. I’ll take you there in a minute!) I’ve found another site worth mentioning. It’s called Glambassador. How does it work? Well, first things first. Visit the site to register. Next, you’ll want to visit your email you gave them to verify your account. Once that’s done, you can log in and complete your public profile. Verify and connect your social media accounts you plan to use for ambassadorification, (Ha! That’s a new one!) whether you plan on using Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Youtube or all of the above. Now,…

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    My Boot Obsession

    When it comes to fashion, I am not one to condone wearing everything in my closet as my taste is somewhat all over the place but this winter I have fallen in love and wanted to share my excitement with you. I am a boots gal. I wear boots ALL the time in the winter. I love boots so much so that I am willing to risk the strange looks I may get when wearing them in the midsummer heat. Yeah, I’m that girl. Go ahead and diss me if you must. Khombu boots have become my favorite go to when it comes to snowbunny winter fashion because that’s exactly…

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    “IN OUR HOME” Wooden Farmhouse Sign

    And another one. Yes, another sign which I adore. I was lucky enough to score a gift card for my birthday (happy birthday to me) for Hobby Lobby so when asked if I wanted to go check out their after Christmas sales, I couldn’t resist! That gift card was burning a hole in my pocket. The mere fact that it HAD to be spent at Hobby Lobby made it even better because then I could justify questions such as “why didn’t I spend it on groceries” or “why didn’t I spend it on [whatever]” , well because I couldn’t. No other retailer was going to accept that form of payment…

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    Fresh Farm Christmas Trees DIY

    I realize that I’m posting this project AFTER Christmas (trust me, my daughter specifically pointed this out!) But do you ever, just for no apparent reason, want to create holiday projects regardless of what time of the year it is? I mean I don’t have that much DIY Christmas stuff yet anyway so better late than never, right? I have these sudden urges to create and the Cricut was screaming at me with these ADORABLE holiday cut-outs that were dying to be made regardless the season. Although it may have taken me over an hour [confession:maybe even 2] to make this project, considering my Cricut design space prefers to be…

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    Old Beef Stroganoff Recipe

    I thought today I’d share with you a recipe I’ve loved since I was a child. Finally made it myself the other day and it turned out just as I remembered it growing up. Here’s what you’ll need: Rump roast (or similar meat) Cooking Oil 2 packages beef stroganoff seasoning 2 cups sour cream 4 tbsp. Water 1 small can tomato paste First, you want to cut your meat into small pieces -this meat is a chore to chew so make sure they’re small bites especially if making this for little ones. Add your oil to your frying pan with the meat and begin frying until all the meat is…