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Get Paid with Fiverr Gigs!

pexels-photo-265036.jpegOk, really though, it’s just Fiverr (2 r’s only)…Really.  What is Fiverr?  Well in case you aren’t aware, Fiverr is an online platform that allows you to complete gigs for pay.  For instance, let’s say someone wanted some transcription work done so they turn to Fiverr for help.  They load their gig onto Fiverr and you come across it in your search.  You agree to perform the task and once complete, they in turn pay you the $5.  Most tasks on Fiverr are $5 (sometimes more).

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Pretty nifty, eh?  Some people have made a living from Fiverr alone for such things as resume writing.  Do I think you could make a living from Fiverr?  Well, much of that would depend on you and your abilities but I personally wouldn’t recommend trying 🙂 however, it would make for a fun supplemental side gig. Still interested?

Wanna check it out?

Head on over to FIVERR!

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