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Work from Home with Sitel


Welcome back to my DIY blog or if it’s you’re first time here, HOLA!  Glad you could stop by.  In this post, I’m bringing you another company that allows you to work from home (as will be the majority of my job leads).  It seems to be all the rave these days and understandably!

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So this company is hiring for associates to take inbound calls that

could involve anything from billing inquiries to installation scheduling or service orders and so on.

Here are the requirements per the website for this @home position:

  • Desktop or Laptop (Apple/Mac, Tablets, Winbooks, Smart devices, Windows Mini PCs, Chromebook, & Android systems are NOT compatible)

  • Operation system – Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

  • All peripherals must be wired (Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, or Headset are NOT allowed)

  • A separate 19” Monitor with 1280×1024 minimum resolution (this does not include monitors associated with an All-In-One or AIO unit)

  • * Anti-Virus – Symantec, McAfee, Windows Defender

For Windows Systems

  • RAM – Required 4 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

  • Processor Speed – Dual Core 2 Ghz or better

  • Free Space – 20 GB

  • 2 available USB ports

Internet – Minimum Specifications:

  • Internet speed –  download speed 1.5 MB; upload speed 1.5MB

  • ISP must be highly stable with no packet loss and latency under 100ms

  • DSL or Broadband Required  – WiFi, WiMax, Satellite, dial-up, and/or Hotspots are NOT allowed

  • Home Router with wired link to PC

Sitel requires Internet not be used for non-work related purposes during working hours; including media streaming, ripping, gaming, or other web usage by other members of household that may negatively impact your networks performance.

Other Technical Requirements

Approved USB Headset:

  • Plantronics – Blackwire Corded Headset

    • C300 (C310 and C320)

    • C420 and C435

    • C600 (C610 and C620)

    • C700 (C710 and C720

The benefits listed are such:

  • Paid professional training attended from the comfort of your home Medical and dental benefits for full-time employees 401(K) Hourly based pay with possible incentive opportunities Vacation and holiday pay Paid through direct deposit or total pay card (debit card)

  • Hired as an employee rather than independent contractor Full and part-time shifts available

  • Employee discounts with Sitel’s many major brand-name partners including consumer electronics companies, PC manufacturers, satellite service providers and mobile communication companies. –

Now, they may not require any experience although as with any job, experience is helpful!

*I am unsure as to what the pay is but the website states you are paid through Paypal or Total Pay Card (debit card).

Interested in applying?  Click the picture below (or this link) to visit the site, click on “careers” and then “work from home”!pexels-photo-269129.jpeg


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