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Loving the Cricut!

I am in love, love, love with this gorgeous piece made by me and my best friend Cricut! I took some leftover wood I had laying around, painted it white then distressed it with some sand paper. After, I applied the vinyl stencils I made with my Cricut and that was the beginning of my beautiful masterpiece! I just love all the stencils that can be made with the cricut.
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The only downside I’ve personally found with the cricut and most cutting machines is you are limited to how big you can make your stencil. That being said, there are still TONS of beautiful pieces that can be made with this machine. It does take some getting used to. Sometimes I have difficulty with it cutting the vinyl without fudging up but that could be due to human error too ;). I love that they have such a huge selection of stencil designs! I’m looking forward to making more pieces in the future! Interested in buying one of your own? Or maybe you just want to learn more about its capabilities. Either way, feel free to click here! :)


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