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DIY Dog Tent

DIY Doggie Tent Don’ts

Well, I’m not afraid to admit defeat.  When my daughter came home one day insisting we make our very own DIY doggie tent for our new Chihuahua (Her name is Koti:), I thought sure! Easy enough..

I had seen others do it and thought it would be a pretty simple task.  We hopped in the vehicle and off to the store we went for supplies.  We gathered the material of her choice, about 10 wooden dowel rods (ok, maybe about half that in the beginning.  We had to make extra trips!) and she got her glue gun insisting it would help.

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We stood the dowel rods in position to form a tent, you know, much like you would expect the Indians did, or something like that.  So without any real plan, we just started wrapping the jute twine around the dowel rods where they connected.  Feeling very unstable, we slowly found we needed to add more dowel rods for the tent to stand up.  Again, we got to wrapping until we were completely out of dowel rods.  At this point, I wasn’t sure which way to go and feeling a bit frustrated that our “unplanned” plan wasn’t working, we settled with leaning it against the wall for support.  To this day, it leans against the wall for support.  So I guess the moral of this story is, 1. If you never fail, you will not learn the correct way to do something 2.  Do NOT use dowel rods for this project LOL!

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