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Bargain Buys at Hobby Lobby!

Well, I’m not one to shop online.  Wait, let me rephrase that…I’m not one to shop online for decor really, however, since having children, I must say I find myself taking this route much more often!  For one, it’s either I go to the store and listen to them complain  and whine (did somebody say WINE?) while I’m trying to decide just what it is I want OR I shop online and take my sweet little time and make wise, frugal decisions about what I want to buy.  After all, I am a very frugal person! I have to be! Secondly, all moms know the one way to save money is to leave their kids at home!

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With that said, I was online browsing Hobby Lobby, window shopping more or less, when I got to the clearance section.  I was so proud of myself.  I was doing so good and then lo and behold these three items were on sale!  The three items I have longed for in my farmhouse arsenal.  Let me say I spent no more than $15 on any one of these items.  In fact, I believe the basket was $8.99, the wreath was $9.99 and the picture (which I love btw!) was $13.99.  I was absolutely pleased with everything I got and adore the way my new wreath adds warmth to this raggedy old window pane.

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If you’re looking for good deals, I suggest frequent stops to Hobby Lobby online to check their clearance.  It’s like an online yard sale.  You never know what treasure you might find and you know if it’s from there, it’s gonna be AWESOME!

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