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Refer & Earn Money for Your Children’s Clothing with Fabkids

Did you know that you can earn money for your kids clothing?  Well as I was looking at some clothes online at, I realized I had earned some credit.  How?  I’m not sure but I think I must have referred some new people there.  The website states you can earn $10 per new visitor sign up that becomes a VIP.  How helpful would it be to earn money for your kids and not have to pay for back to school clothes?  Or clothes for Christmas?

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They let you post your referral URL to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to help spread the word.  Alot of the clothing comes as “sets”, which makes it helpful so you have both the shirt and top (for boy or girl) and don’t have to search for something that matches.  Fabkids makes shopping simple.  No more going out, taking the kids shopping while they’re asking for this and that and you’re trying to focus.  No.  Shop from the comfort of your home and have it sent directly to you.  They also have shoes if you don’t see any clothes you’re interested in.

Did I mention they also have an affiliate program? (yes, this is different from just referring a friend) You can earn $2 per lead as a fabkids affiliate.  The best way to do this is by advertising the company on your blog.  Maybe order some clothes, try them out and write a review.  People love reviews, good and bad.  Head on over, sign up and start referring..remember Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.  Pinterest is awesome for advertising!

Also, don’t forget to sign up as an affiliate!  You don’t wanna miss that money!  fabkids.jpg


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