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Boy’s Bathroom Makeover

So, I’ve been wanting to do bathroom makeovers since we moved into this house 4 years ago.  I’ve never really had the funds to do it considering all the help the rest of the house needed, so I started with those rooms first.  Well, I’m finally to the point where I could do it.  Not a complete bathroom makeover (shower and all), but almost.  The bathrooms came with the ugliest, most disgusting tile floors known to man.  Ok, there’s probably worse but mine were at the top of the list.  Granted, I did repaint after moving in, because I couldn’t live with the ugly wallpaper tapered to the walls but as far as redoing the floors and vanities, I hadn’t gotten to that yet and I managed to live through 4 years of disgusting tile floor, which doesn’t make for an exciting bathroom experience.

So for starters, we covered those ugly tile floors and said our goodbye’s right before we laid the new ones.  By new one’s, I’m referring to Lifeproof – Seasoned wood flooring.004

These new floors work fabulous for the bathroom!  They are waterproof, which means I don’t have to worry so much about the kids splashing, the floor getting damp or wet and warping.  Say goodbye to this NASTY tile!

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Isn’t it amazing how you never realize just how bad something is until something better comes along?  (Ladies, I know you can relate!) I’m certainly glad we only had two bathrooms to lay the floors in because anything bigger would have taken some time and patience!  But boy do they look nice when they are laid.003.JPG

Here you can see the start of what ended up a whole new fresh of breath air for this bathroom redo!  We had already repainted the walls from an ugly ivory color to a bright, clean, crisp white.  Sadly, the ugly tub had to stay but replacing those in the future is still a definite goal of mine!004.JPG

Here we are…almost finished with the floor and onto the best part of any DIY project – decorating!  Not only did the floor have to go, the sink had to go as well.  I forgot to take before pictures of the sink but let me paint you a mental picture – ugly, yellow marble sink planted on a vanity with one door missing.  It was a MUST to replace this!  No matter how hard I tried to update the bathroom with this ugly sink, there was no making it look good until it was ripped out in it’s entirety.  Let me see if I can find you a good example of what I’m talking about…


This is as close as I could come (sorry to whoevers sink I’m bashing!) minus the shell shape – almost a complete replica (maybe a little lighter yellow but not much!) of what was in the bathroom before.  So off we headed to Home Depot for a new sink for the boys bathroom and we found this lovely piece!

I must admit, I love it!  Especially for the size of the bathroom (it’s extremely small, so small I couldn’t even fit the whole room into one picture).   It goes perfectly with our nautical bathroom theme as well!  To decorate, we headed to Wal-Mart, gathered an oar, some popsicle sticks, some boat dock hooks, an outdoor LED light (for the lighthouse toilet paper holder we would be making) and I also got a shower curtain, rug, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and nautical themed towel for the oar towel rack we planned to make also.  After that, we headed to Big Lots where we lucked out in finding a whole aisle of nautical decor.  So from my choices (and there were many!), I chose a pelican, a sail boat and an anchor.  I could’ve went on but my pocketbook just wasn’t having it!  015013012011

I love the lighthouse!  It can actually serve 2 purposes – holds the toilet paper but also serves as a night light if kept in the sun long enough.  I actually had it in the sun the day we made this and that night, it glared in the bathroom – the brightest night light!  It was so cool.  The shelves were actually made out of some shelving from a family friend’s house he is renovating and the rope (I forgot to mention) we got at the hardware store too.  We drilled holes into the shelves and cut tiny pieces of dowel rod inserted into the rope to keep the shelves in their place.  For extra support, I used a glue gun and glued the dowel rods in place.  I forgot to mention, I also got the picture in the photo above at Big Lots also.  I think out of everything, my favorite piece is the oar.  I plan on adding more decor to the middle shelf but I think the bottom shelf serves a pretty good purpose.  So there you have it.  My boy’s bathroom DIY!

Hope you enjoyed!


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