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Become a Field Photographer!

Do you LOVE the camera???

I know I do, whether it’s taking photos of family and friends or just complete randomness.  I don’t know what it is about photographs, but I love taking pictures!  Just to be able to capture a moment is priceless!

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 How to Become A Field Photographer

 What It Takes – 


For this position, you must have the following:

  • A quality camera (Most cell phones are acceptable)

  • Mucho Spare time

  • Reliable transportation

  • A GPS

  • Email

  • A fast internet connection

  • The know-how to upload quality pictures

This company’s projects have a turnaround time of about 30 hours, therefore, if you cannot complete a project within that time frame, you are encouraged NOT to apply.  If you can, then GREAT!

You will be required to complete a W9 after your income has reached the $300 amount.  You are required to send them a photo sample set of 7 quality photos of any property within 48 hours after registering.  All photos must be 1280 x 960.

Punch in your zip code so they know what area you’re working from and what projects to send you to.

How it works– (In detail)

 Heard Enough?

Click here to get started today!

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