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DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

After stalking Pinterest, I got the nerve (and the time) up to try my hand at making a coffee filter wreath.  Using a styrofoam wreath form, some (ALOT!) coffee filters and alot of super glue, I finally finished them.  I probably spent around 2-3 hours total on both of them.  It took alot of time and alot of patience, but the end result was worth it, for no more than I paid. 🙂

Items you need for this project:

Here’s how this project is done..with lots of patience and lots of breaks lol 🙂 This is hard to explain in words so bare with me!

Keeping the wreath form nearby, have your glue gun hot and ready. Take a coffee filter and place the eraser end of your pencil inside the center of the coffee filter. Now pull the coffee filter towards you so that the eraser end of the pencil is pointing away from you (inside the filter) so that it comes to a point. Now put hot glue on the point or center of the coffee filter where the eraser end of your pencil is. Using the pencil, stick the glue end down on the wreath form. Do this repeatedly going all around the wreath until it is completely covered in coffee filters.

 And voila! It’s done and ready to hang!


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