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DIY Drab to Fab Side Table Makeover!

This was an old coffee table I restored with some chalk paint I made at home. LOVE the way it turned out! In fact, it’s still sitting in my living room corner.

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If you’re not a fan of making you’re own chalk paint like I do, I recommend going with Annie Sloan, which is how I actually started painting.  I have a dealer who sells this stuff and let me tell you, it’s excellent!  I love chalk paint in that it dries so much faster than regular paint and it covers well!

Annie Sloan chalk Paint


<---This color would be gorgeous for a table painting project.  Very similar to mine although a lighter shade.  After painting all my projects, I always coat them with clear or dark wax, (depending on the look I want), because this help to protect the paint from chipping and from liquids.  The wax repels anything liquid which is awesome!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission at no cost to you.

Annie Sloan Dark Wax

Ok, while we’re on the subject of wax, these are the two I recommend going with.  Minwax does have similar wax and I love it too but I have to say, Annie Sloan is my favorite!  I use Minwax when I’m in a money crunch!

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

  The first wax (pictured above) is a dark wax, which I generally use if I’m going for a distressed look…I’ve even used it to fill in nail holes on my farmhouse table I made to make them less noticeable.

For most projects though, unless I’m using some clear coat polycrylic or something, I usually opt for the clear wax  (the bottom wax pictured above) option.

So that’s it!  Chalk paint, clear wax and some black spray paint for the hardware took this table from drab to FAB!  Hope you enjoyed and happy painting!


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