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Become a Traveling Nurse

What do you do when you’re a traveler at heart but you’re trying to hold down a stressful, heart pounding, pulse racing nursing position at the local nursing home? Or maybe the local hospital?

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You become a traveling nurse.

How?  Well, there are several sites online that will allow you to search for positions they have available.  Some are week long to multiple week long contracts.  Not only are Nursing positions available, but for some of these companies, other positions in the medical field are available as well such as CNA, EMT, Endo Tech, Anesthesia Tech, COTA, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant and a variety of others.  So don’t think just because you’re not a nurse, you may not be able to travel.  Dig deeper as some of these sites are looking for others in the medical field as well.

Another benefit for some of these companies is that they offer Medical, Dental and Vision benefits as well as travel/housing stipend and allowance for meals & incidentals.  Be sure to visit the list below to get started with some of these great companies and be on the road to becoming a traveling nurse!  (Or whatever occupation you choose!)

American Traveler

Stability Healthcare

Travel Nurse Source

Travel Nursing


American Mobile

360 Healthcare Staffing

MSO Travel Nursing

Blueforce Staffing

Happy Travels!


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