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Become a TV Captioner

Become a TV Captioner

Do you ever watch TV or a movie that has the text transcribed on the screen?  This is great for those who are deaf or hard of hearing as it allows them to continue to watch TV and helps the station maintain a larger audience.  But I bet you didn’t know the little minions that work behind the scenes to provide those captions could be working from home?  This is where you come in.  WHY???  Because you could be one of them.

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HOW???  Have you ever heard of Rev?  Most likely not, especially if this is a new concept for you.  Rev is a company that provides captioning services and their mission is to provide their workers the freedom of working from home.  You may work as much or as little as you want and all that is needed is your time, a computer and an internet connection.  So I can work from the local coffee shop?  Well, yes!  Assuming it has a computer and internet connection available.  Rev provides a steady stream of work and a variety of available projects.  You will receive regular feedback and coaching and weekly payouts to your Paypal account.

Are you a translator???  If so, I’m sure they’d love to have you!  They have three positions open you can apply for.  Transcription, where you will listen to audio and type what is being said, Captioner, where you will watch video and create timed captions that sync with the video and Translator, where you will translate documents or captions from one language to another.  If you’re still interested, and would like to apply, please click here!

Some other companies you might try:

Karasch & Associates (click the join button)

Archive Captioning

Vanan Captioning


Speechpad (No openings at this time)

Automatic Sync (Requires a foot pedal and transcription software)



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