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Farmhouse Decor that has Gained Popularity

Farmhouse Decor that has Gained Popularity

So what are the big selling items these days?

 Let’s start with the Tobacco Basket.

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What are home decorating experts doing with these?  Well, you can mainly find these hanging above a fireplace mantle or above a buffet.  You can add items such as a wreath or a star to them, even a picture or a monogrammed letter.  You can also use them to hang pictures (slide photos in between the slats of the tobacco basket).  Add greenery or, if small enough, use them as a table centerpiece (laying flat) and add pumpkins for fall or other seasons.  Tobacco baskets are very versatile and unique.

Next up is the Windmill Clock.

Hang these above a fireplace, bed, in the kitchen, basically anywhere you see fit. Windmill clocks are very versatile also and add a bit of rustic charm to the home.

The Laguna Vase.

 I have noticed more and more of these coming to surface, popping up here and there so I had to look into them myself!  Some, (if not all), have an aqua tint to them hence the term “laguna”, I suppose.  If you’re looking to add a hint of color to any room, consider these with a subtle floral arrangement inside, fill about halfway with water (or don’t), it’s really up to you!  Either way, these provide a lovely display for your florals!

Let’s move on to Plaid!

 Plaid this and plaid that!  Plaid is being incorporated into modern farmhouse decor.  Not just any plaid, though.  Black and white or softer colors such as beige and white checkers are hugely popular right now and incorporate seamlessly into the farmhouse theme.

These adorable tartan plaid cotton pillowcases are suitable for any 18×18 pillow (set of 2) and would compliment any farmhouse sofa, bench or recliner.

Lest we not forget the desirable Kitchen Farmhouse Sink!

These are every farmhouse decor lover’s dream and I’m sure you can see why.  From the boxy shape to the inset design, it’s not hard to see what makes these so different and desired.

I personally would love to have one of these myself paired with butcher block as my counters.

  And while there’s this perfect white option, if you’re looking to add color, there is also the copper option as well.

 These come in many designs — curved, straight, double or single sink, hammered finish, hand hammered rivets and take this one for instance…

 A star design.  Of course you’re going to pay the price for the design on this one and others (don’t look!) but it’s nice to know that there are options out there that allow you to be a little daring.  These you will most likely have to order from Amazon seeing as most home stores don’t carry such intricately designed pieces but it would be well worth the investment.  I suggest ordering with your eyes closed….

As I mentioned before, I would love to have a farmhouse sink with Butcher Block.

This is a huge hit and home improvement stores are even starting to carry it.  Butcher block is great for cutting boards, bathroom and kitchen countertops, a farmhouse table, an island and more – not to mention how attractive it is!


What’s not to love about the dark stain and the different shades reflecting with the wood grain in this gorgeous piece?  It’s almost too pretty to use!  So run out and DIY  (just Pinterest it!) your own butcher block or special order it (here)!

Floating Shelves

You can’t be a farmhouse junkie with the rest of us if you don’t invest some money or labor into hanging some floating shelves (and yes I have some!).  What are they?  Well, if by the slight chance you really don’t know yet, floating shelves are exactly that.  Shelves made to look as if they are just floating in mid-air and not really held up by anything.  Ok, I’m not talking magic here.  They really ARE held up by something not seen by the naked eye.  They are held up by floating shelf brackets, a.k.a. invisible supports.  These supports are made of steel and slide right into the whole you will pre-drill into your shelf (instructions are at the site), then these supports are attached to the wall and the shelves slide right onto those supports.  No clue who came up with the idea, but they are pure genius!


Whether they be Boxwood, floral or cotton, wreaths have always been a mainstay of the farmhouse look and feel.  On your front door, hanging over a mirror or window frame or resting on a mantle, wreaths give your home a cozy, inviting welcome every farmhouse owner longs for.

 Wooden Signs.


Gather signs seem to be the most popular of these but these wooden signs come in all different shapes, sizes and quotes.  My love for these (and making them) goes far beyond the imaginable.  The list of quotes that can be used for these signs is unending.  Search Pinterest for several DIY’s on how to make your own OR visit this link to buy.

Last but not least, the Tiered Stand.

You can dress these up any way you like.  Add dishes, fruit, salt ‘n pepper shakers, miniature wooden signs, floral arrangements, miniature baskets or plants.  They make a great centerpiece for your farmhouse table.  Use them in your bathroom to hold bath towels, sponges, body wash and other amenities.  Add candles with pine for Christmas or a bunny figure with carrots, eggs and raffia for an Easter ensemble.

 There you have it.  The top most wanted items for farmhouse living.  Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to come back for more updates!


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