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Create Sponsored Content with Cooperatize!

You could be one of the 20,000+ influencers collaborating with brands and get paid!   Most publishers can earn between $150-$800 per opportunity.  Cooperatize will take into consideration your traffic, social media reach, the brands budget and other factors when deciding your rate.  They also let you enter a new rate if you think you can drive massive traffic to your work.




Cooperatize provides incentives for those who go above and beyond to meet or exceed their target goal.  They have a system for this, although they do not clearly state what that system is.

The “Max potential payout” is the most you can earn from any given opportunity.

To achieve this, you must do two things – 

  1. Write a story – Write a story that incorporates the brand in a creative, unique way.  This is what will set you apart from other influencers and gain loyal readership.

  2. Distribute the story – Gain a loyal readership and share your stories via social media, your blogs email list and other various channels to get your story heard and seen.

Cooperatize generally expects no less than 500 words per opportunity.  Be creative and engage your audience!  This is what will bring you more loyal readers.

I believe you need to have at least 10,000 monthly readers to your blog.  I have not met this goal yet, but hope to in the future so that I too can collaborate with brands.  However, if you have met this goal, don’t hesitate to sign up by clicking the link below!

You will only be presented with real opportunities, no spam!  You could also receive exclusive invites to events, media trips and more!

Click here if you would like to learn more, or apply to become an influencer!


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