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Home Decor Minus the Price Tag!

Well I’m sure by now many of you are wondering why I even chose to include this company on my blog and why I’m such a huge advocate for them.  There’s a couple reasons for this – For one, they are pretty darn frugal!  Secondly, they have such a WIDE variety to offer!  Most people know Oriental Trading for their party supplies and decorations but let me tell you, that is not ALL they have to offer!  While they do also offer alot for the holidays, they also offer items for everyday decor such as wreaths, birdcages, personalized signs, throws, pillows, etc.

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They are a great resource for the holidays when you want to decorate but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it.  They have items for your office at work, outdoor decor, bunting, stepping stones, items for weddings and much, much more.

If you’re a photographer just starting out, they have tons of fun backdrops for different occasions, also great for party photo booths or weddings, Halloween, Easter…

Go ahead and take a look at what they have to offer.

(I’m kinda “diggin'” the succulents myself!)

As you can see, they really do have alot to offer and are really worth checking out if you’re not into paying the high price tag for Etsy or the like!


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