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Buff Away White Haze From Black Granite Sink!

granite sink

Guys, I love my house, I love my kitchen (mostly), I love most everything about it but one thing that has driven me batty since we got it is this dang black granite sink!  I love black.  It’s slimming, and while that doesn’t matter in this case what does matter is that it shines like rose gold in a field of ashes!  I want that sucker to SHINE!  But it’s not, and it hasn’t.  In fact, I don’t remember the last time it did. *sad face*

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So guys today my mission was to change things around.  I’m gonna butter it up, slap some love on it and make you proud!  I’m also going to tell you how to do the same.  So listen’s what I did.

You don’t need a bowl for this, you don’t even need a brain for this…

  • Shower the sink with some fairy dust (AKA Baking Soda) – YES, just POUR IT ALL OVER the sink like you never gave the thing a scrubbin’ in her life (because, LBH you haven’t!)
  • Douse the baking soda with Vinegar and lots of prayer! (Extra on the latter!)
  • Now scrub with love (but go easy!) using a pouf or wet rag
  • Rinse and dry sink with a dry towel or paper towel

Now, don’t get disappointed yet – here’s where she really begins to sparkle!

Take a dry rag, add some baby oil or vegetable/olive oil (although the 2 latter options can go rancid) and give that sink a good massage!

I think I’d be shining too if I got that royal treatment!

VOILA! The End Result

granite sink1

Oh and while we’re on the subject of a cleaner, fresher kitchen, let me recommend some products I’ve personally tried and tested for a fresher, more pleasant kitchen experience!


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