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DIY Golden Ticket Surprise


Easter has come and gone, but I wanted to tell you about a little idea I used that maybe you could too in the future.
Everyone loves chocolate right? And it’s pretty much an expectation at Easter.

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I really wish I had had the time to take to make my surprise better and more thought out because all I did was grab an envelope, write “Golden Ticket” on it (in yellow and black cuz you couldn’t see the yellow alone on a white envelope lol!) Inside, I stuck a gift card to Urban Air Trampoline Park.  So I guess you could call that the generic form of my idea.


Why did I do it that way?  That’s just how short on time and shorthanded I was in getting it done.  Regardless, the kids were very happy with their Easter surprise. But why do it that way if you can make it better?


If I were to do it over, this is exactly what I’d do –

I’d either make a more believable ticket on golden paper, or maybe even try to make a gift card holder out of it to stuff the gift card in. Sounds like a lot of work though and us busy moms just “ain’t got time for dat”.


So, if all else fails, I’m going the easier, more believable route:



Yep! I’m takin’ my troubles to Amazon. Why you ask? Because Amazon has everything and I mean EVERYTHING you could ever want and all it takes is one simple search to find it.


So now that we’ve found our Golden Ticket, hop on over to Urban Air, buy your gift cards and tape them to the back of your Golden Ticket for an exciting Easter Surprise! Oh, and don’t be lame like me and put them in the back of the basket. No, cover those suckers in the bottom of the basket and make the kids DIG for their Easter surprise!

urban air.jpg


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