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7 Must-Haves for Farmhouse Organization

7 Must-Haves for Farmhouse Organization


We all know the struggle of trying to keep organization in the house, especially the kitchen!  The kitchen, for some of us, is the most used space in our home – so it’s only natural that we try to keep as much peace and calm in this room as possible with everything it holds. This little wooden shelf is perfect for organizing all those little spice bottles you can’t seem to find a good place for.  This shelf serves serious double duty! Not only is it good for spices, but you can also hang your beautiful copper cookware on the hooks for a gorgeous, shiny display!affiliate links

Need bathroom storage?  No problem!  This adorable mason jar shelf can help you organize anything from cotton balls, to q-tips, to makeup brushes, razors and toothbrushes.

These adorable galvanized milk cans will add the perfect touch to your farmhouse kitchen.  Use these to hold all of your cooking utensils instead of keeping them in the drawer.  By doing this, you’ll have an extra drawer for other items you have no place for.

Too many blankets lying around?  I know we have this issue alot and I just can’t seem to find enough places to put them.  For a stylish solution, try this woven basket for storage.  Could also be used to store toys or hold laundry.

One major pet peeve of mine when it comes to organization in my home is the fact that with three kids, you have papers EVERYWHERE!  When I look at my decor, I want clean, simple, PRISTINE!  Seeing papers lying everywhere makes me cringe!  Whether it be mail, school papers, whatever, I want it hidden!  So that brings me to my next item – this adorable mail holder.  This may not be real farmhouse, but I had to share because it is just too cute!

If I wanted something for JUST my mail though, I would have to choose these 3 hanging galvanized storage bins.

These food containers make me drool, seriously – I envision a cabinet full of these. No bags, no plastic bottles, no cans, no boxes..none of that in my pantry!  That is what I want!  But until then, I will share with you my love for these and how they could really help you organize your space so you can fit some more in there!  ‘Cuz the more the better, right? I mean, think of all the things you could cram into these! From cereal to noodles to beans, I’m pretty sure the list goes on! And what you can’t fit into these containers, you could probably fit in one of these..

These over-the-door shoe organizers are so useful for many other things.  From holding fruit snacks, granola bars, juice bottles, spices, oatmeal packets, hot chocolate packets..simple as they are, they are definitely a must-have for organization!  I honestly believe they are more useful in the kitchen than their [sole] purpose of organizing shoes.


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