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Loving my $30 Farmhouse Corner Table

I’ve been wanting something to fill this corner space for a while. Before, it held a short round end table here but it wasn’t enough. I needed something with height (this one stands about 3′ tall) in the farmhouse look only problem was I didn’t have much to spend. So after brainstorming, happened the creation of the $30 table.

Why only $30? Well, all I had to pay was for the cost of wood. Tools and all supplies were already had so if you have to go out and buy those to make this, I suppose this table would cost you a bit more. But the good thing is, in the long run, you would have those tools for other projects as well.

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The base of this is mostly made of 2 x 2 x 8 and the tops (bottom and top) are made of sanded and cut fence board that can be bought at Lowe’s. I admit, the base was kind of a trial and error and the table isn’t terribly sturdy, but by being in the corner it helps hold it in place. You could also add more wood to the frame for design and sturdiness if need be.

The bottom shelf was added for decor but I also wanted to add a basket for blankets as well, which I have yet to do.

$30 Farmhouse Corner Table

I gave her a good dark walnut stain and she’s ready to be placed.

All in all though, i’m very pleased with how it turned out. I think it gives my little corner lots of character and adds a nice touch to the decor! What do you think?


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