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Flour sack towels

Recover your Chairs for $1 a Piece!

So I’ve been wanting to recover my farmhouse kitchen chairs for quite some time now.  I know material is expensive so I’ve been putting off trying to get any until I have the funds for this project but, enough is enough.  I can’t stand looking at my dark, drab chairs any longer!  So…I came up with a solution.  Flour Sack Towels from Dollar Tree!

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Flour sack towels

I actually bought one of these to use on my corner table and when I did that, I came up with the idea that these could also be used for recovering chairs.  Now, I did buy these at Dollar Tree, so obviously they are not the strongest material and the material is also slightly transparent but since I was only covering solid colored fabric, it was no problem and they were just big enough for my chairs.

I must admit, this was my first time reupholstering anything  so it was a little unnerving but I just rolled with the punches.

Recover chairs for $1 a piece

I laid the material upside down and made sure the material went the same direction for each chair.  By that I mean, made sure the design of the material went the same way so each chair would look identical.  I flipped the seat upside down on top of the material the way I wanted it and began pulling and tugging at the material and stapling (ALOT!) all the way around.  The corners were a little tricky.  You kinda have to fold the material in when you get to those but it’s not that difficult.  Make sure to staple alot and keep the material pulled snug but not too much since this material is not the strongest, you don’t want it to rip! (But you could always replace it for $1 ha!) That’s probably the best part about this idea is that if you do mess up, it’s only gonna cost $1 to try again.

So once I got it stapled all the way around, I took scissors to the extra material and began cutting it off underneath.

Recover chairs for $1 a piece

And that’s really all there is to it! Flip it back over and attach it by screws to the chair itself.

Recover chairs for $1 a piece

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I am lovingheart how they turned out!

Let me know what you think!


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