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“Not Today Drama Llama” wood framed farmhouse sign

Not too long ago I was scouring Facebook and saw this sign that stated “Not Today Drama Llama”. You know, the cute little framed farmhouse style signs I so much adore. I believe this lady may have made it, though i’m not sure. I knew I had to have one for the mere fact that I hate drama myself and it was more than appropriate reflecting everything I think in my head on a daily basis..maybe not the llama part but hey, it rhymes and it’s cute. So it goes without saying that I had to make my own little version of this sign.


I took two pieces of board and cut them the same size, using one of the smaller remaining pieces of wood to attach to the back keeping both pieces of board together. I then took it outside, spray painted it with some white primer I had leftover in my cabinet and let that dry. While it was drying, I went to the Cricut and planned my design. I lasered it out on some contact paper bought at Walmart and attached the design to the boards once they were dry. I painted the design in with black acrylic paint and once again, let it dry.

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Not today drama llama wooden sign

While it was drying, I took my pieces of board for the frame and cut them to size. After, I stained them a dark walnut and let dry (lots of drying time here, ugh!) Once those finally dried, I was ready to piece together my masterpiece! (The fun part) I put the pieces in place and with my staple gun, began going around the back stapling each piece into place. This required lots of staples. Some didn’t hold as well as others so I hammered those further in. I stapled the corners together as well. Once that was finished, I took sandpaper and lightly sanded the design on front and I was done!

not today drama llama wooden sign

I am so stoked with how it turned out. Pretty happy with the outcome! Now to find it a happy home! Ok, your turn….

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