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Pros Vs. Cons of using Wix Website Builder – UPDATE!

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Ease of use – I will say Wix is a very user friendly platform.  Even if you don’t know HTML, you still stand a chance with Wix.  Alot of it is drag and drop or copy and paste.  Just make sure to save and publish after each change you make although for the most part, Wix is good at saving changes anyway.

 Lots of Useful Free Apps – Wix has lots of apps from music to stores you can have on your website to email marketing–even google adsense.

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Image Gallery – Wix has its own image gallery of free images you can use if you don’t have the time to spend searching other sites for stock photos.  You also have the ability to upload your own.

 Ok so here’s the big one – Everyone says use Siteground or Bluehost and host your own domain because these have been and will be around (how do you know that?) but Wix could go down at anytime.  True, Wix could go down at anytime but couldn’t they too?  Correct me if I’m wrong on this and I may be (as I’m not ALWAYS right *wink*), but just something I wanted to point out…

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 Seamless integration – By using the apps feature, you can even integrate your own Etsy shop right into your website among many other shops you can build.

 Wix is always improving by adding apps and other forms of integration such as Wix code.


 Google and Wix don’t mix – From what I’ve heard, Google is not a fan of Wix sites finding it hard to get indexed and be found.  I believe alot of my views come from my own forms of advertising via Pinterest, Instagram, etc.   This is something that Wix needs to change in order to be successful.  We all want to be found, right?

 Codes – Difficult/Impossible to use code that is not HTTPS only ..Now this may be changing, or already changed. Wix now has something called Wix Code and I must admit, I haven’t used it yet because I’m a bit intimidated and don’t want to mess anything up but this may be the solution to having more capability on my Wix site.

 Contextual ads – Difficult/Impossible to place contextual advertising on my site (*pout*) such as, clicksor, Kontera, Chitika, Infolinks, all of these and more.  Or perhaps I just don’t know what I’m doing. (<--Always a possibility *eyeroll*)



Wix is slow to load – This is another thing I really hope we see improvement on –The speed upon loading.  I realize Wix sites include many apps and such and these are probably what slows down the process of loading but I really hope to see improvement in this area in the future.

 Wix hasn’t been around as long.  That said, it is still a great platform and as I mentioned earlier, it’s always improving.

Sooo…If I haven’t talk you out of a Wix site, and believe me, I’m really not trying to!  I honestly love mine!

 Head on over to Wix and sign up today!  <---------Umm UPDATE…

Scratch that!

I mean you can, however, since I was kicked off of Amazon Affiliates towards the end of last year, I have opted to start fresh and go with WordPress and my decision has not disappointed!  I actually bought my domain through Godaddy for cheap then went through WordPress for the rest.  I am very pleased that I chose to go with WordPress.  Don’t get me wrong, Wix is nice for beginners, but overall I feel WP looks more professional, there are so many useful plugins and their customer service is top notch!  They have helped me out through chat support a couple times already and have always been able to solve my problem.  Yes, it may be more costly but I feel the benefits outweigh the cost if you are truly serious about blogging.


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