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Give Your Outdoors a Juicy Makeover this Summer!

Everyone knows watermelon is the reason for the season. In this post, we’re not talking about eating them, we’re not talking about growing them, but rather decorating with them.  This adorable garden flag has everything to love and nothing not to!

I love the fact that it displays the “hello summer” quote and the colors are so vibrant and happy! I’m loving the mint green. I would gladly display this in my landscaping. In fact, I just might have to!

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There are so many flag options!  If your primitive, you could go with this crowe + flag watermelon option.  How adorable and welcoming are these? I used to decorate primitive myself so these totally draw me in!

This mat would be the perfect addition to your outdoor watermelon decor! It’s non-slip design will help keep it in it’s place. Great for indoor/outdoor use!  Totally digging those stripes!

How precious is this watermelon planter?  Perfect for planting succulents or any of your other favorite greenery and adding to your watermelon theme!  Too freaking cute!

These coasters would add a nice touch to your adult beverages!  There are two sides to these so depending on which mood you’re in, decorate accordingly! (Pinapple mojitos? Pineapple rum? Pineapple sangria? Watermelon Margarita?)

sea sky beach holiday
No, this drink is not for sale 🙂 sorry for the teaser!


Oohhemmgee, This bowl! I need, I need!  I have recently started adding watermelon to my outdoors and would so love to have one of these! What to put in it?  Watermelon, of course! But then there’s salad and other fruit cocktails this could be used for as well.  Perfect for little gatherings at the picnic table.

I recently did over my outdoor swing in red and white and I must say, I may have to have this pillow as well. I’ve been searching for one high and low and where do I find one? Amazon, of course.

This would be great on a bench or a swing to add that summery feel!

I hope this has given you some ideas for your summer decor!  I just LOVE the watermelon theme. There is nothing more appropriate for summer!

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Check out these other items for adding a juicy, summer touch to your decor! 



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