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Recent DIY Projects

I love making signs! Of all the crafts I make, these are probably my favorite! Why? I don’t know..there’s just something about putting a cute little phrase or quote on a sign and displaying it on your wall that gives me that “warm, cozy” feel!

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So I had this little piece shown in the picture below that was actually a cabinet door from a family friend’s home that was renovated.  I couldn’t decide what to do with it so out of sheer boredom and the urge to craft, I made this colorful little “Hello” sign!

How? Painter’s tape, acrylic paint and my friend Cricut.  You’ve met my friend Cricut, right?

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Now to find a home for this darling picture!

So, for a while now I’ve been trying to make my outdoors a bit more pleasant and enjoyable and fortunately for me, I came across this flag.  Now, I didn’t make this per say, but I wanted to show it off because it does add a nice American feel to my backyard.



This was just a fun little piece I made for the kitchen.  Actual size is much smaller than the picture. I used a staple gun to staple the frame together.  It’s not-so-perfect and I like it that way 🙂


Gather.  The famous gather sign.  Yes, this one also belongs in the kitchen. I mean, where else would be more appropriate?

BUNNYThis is probably one of my favorite pallets I’ve made so far.  The Spring pallet with the not-so-perfect text and little jute bunny tail. I just made it out of some left over fence board out in the shed.  Fence board is cheap and very useful for these projects!


And the bench.  This bench was a BEAST!  Heaviest dang sucker I’ve ever lugged around!  Where it sits, it stays…for a long time.  But I’m completely stoked about the outcome. K, short history on this bench – found curbside in my mom’s neighbors trash – originally a headboard.  Lugged it over to my little cottage home, gave it a seat, painted her up and [di]-stressed her out a little bit.  Now she’s good as Gold!

Moral of that story,


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