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2 Ingredient Super Soft, Super Fun Moon Sand!

So I have three kids, two of which are still younger and they’re always dying to try new things since they get bored SUPER easily! (as most kids do) They’ve been wanting kinetic sand for a while now and I haven’t given into it considering the hefty price tag (I’m cheap) , I just can’t justify spending my money on something that can possibly be made.  So after researching, I found a homemade version of moon sand which is super soft and super awesome!

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So off we went outside (cuz mommy’s not a fan of messes indoors) with our two (yes, only 2!) ingredients and went at it.

Two ingredient moon sand

For this fun project, you’ll need 8 cups of flour to one cup of baby oil.  If a toddler will be playing with this, you may substitute baby oil for cooking oil for a more palatable version – not that we want anyone eating this but things happen right?

8 cups flour : 1 cup oil of your choice

Two ingredient moon sandSo onward we went dousing it with the oil.  Instantly you could tell the softness coming through as we kneaded it.  It gets a bit crumbly but can also be molded well too.  Only when pressure is applied does it get real crumbly.  No fear, it can all be put back together again over and over and over…

Two ingredient moon sand

Wow! Look at all that oil! Looks like a lot right? Don’t worry, it won’t once you begin kneading!

Moon sand is great for sensory play with little ones and an excellent idea for schools and daycares.







Have fun with it!  Remember there’s always the edible version if you don’t feel safe using this one.  My daughter’s next mission is to divide it into equal parts and color each portion a different color!

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