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6 Sites to Promote your Etsy Shop

The dreaded question of promoting.  You’ve got your Etsy shop up and running like all the cool kids with all the cool products (that’s the easy part, right? Cuz it’s fun!) Next comes the struggle of promoting all your cool Etsy products against the monsoon of other shops out there!  Where and how do you do this?

affiliate links

  • Facebook obviously.  This is a given!  Facebook has an abundance of Etsy communities to help you share your shop and build your brand.  Create a video of your Etsy shop to promote on facebook.  For this, I personally use (Here –>>>) Lumen 5.  I also personally recommend creating a fan page to invite friends and promote your goods.


  • Craftori is another great one where you can promote your Etsy shop, digital products, handmade, whatever it may be! Create an account and verify then you are on your way to uploading products to share.  Just make sure you follow the site rules!


  • Tumblr. Here you can post links to your store, images of products, whatever you want really! Tumblr is really useful all the way around.


  • Storewoot. This one is new to me however, after checking it out I decided to give Storewoot (<<<–HERE) a shot. They will actually advertise your Etsy shop FOR YOU as a promotion for 30 day long periods. Is it free? No. You can buy credits (20 to 50 to 100) and each credit equals one product promotion.  For every promotion then, you will get 30-40 quality visitors to your store.  It’s a whole lot easier than trying to promote yourself, right?  Assuming it works.  I am still in the trial phase.  You can also create Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

(They also have a referral program so everytime you refer an Etsy seller that buys credits, you then earn a credit in return!)

  • Speaking of Instagram, make sure you use it as another source for spreading the word about your new Esty shop and don’t forget to upload those Lumen 5 videos here too!


  • Let us not forget Pinterest! Pinterest can be as vital to your Etsy store as your blog (if you have one)!  Add your pins to other boards but don’t forget to create some yourself as well and add to those.   Create board(s) strictly for your Esty store and pin, pin, pin! Don’t forget to make it look pretty!  This is half of the attraction so make your boards organized and appealing to the eye!!!

For Pinterest schedulers–>>Pinterest.png

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