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4 Sites that will pay you for sponsored posts

So for many bloggers, it isn’t just about throwing a few posts up and calling it a day.  There’s so much more that can be done if you’re looking to monetize and influence in the blogging world.  Many bloggers opt to work with brands by creating sponsored posts because it gives them an opportunity to earn more and helps get the brands name out there.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Let me mention a few 3-4 sites that will help you get started on the path to monetization and true influential blogging.

Site #1 – Cooperatize

This site is similar to the other sites I will mention in this post.  I’ve already blogged about this one once, so without having to repeat the past, please button_read-here.png

Site #2 – MassiveSway

Massive Sway has a number of campaigns you can apply to for various brands and products and the good part about them is that they don’t really have any certain criteria or standards you need to live up to to work with them unlike Cooperatize.  So, that being said, whether your blog is big or small, I would opt to apply anyway.  They also have a badge for your blog if you so choose to add it; however this is not a requirement to work with them.

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Site #3 – Blog Meets Brand

At Blog Meets Brand you can apply to become an influencer in several different departments from DIY/craft, health/fitness to lifestyle, photography, travel & more. Scroll through their list of opportunities & view the details to decide if you would like to apply.  Be sure you agree with compensation & requirements before you apply!

Site #4 – Brand Backer

I think this is probably the ONE site on this list that excites me the most simply because Brand Backer allows you to not only influence with your blog but this one allows you to influence by means of your Youtube channel or Instagram account as well.  You will receive opportunities in your feed inside Brand Backer after you have registered to work with them.  Apply to any campaigns that interest you then sit back and wait to see if you’re chosen.  If chosen, then create content according to requirements and submit for review.  Once approved, you can share your content with friends.  Most of these site have badges they may or may not require you to add to your blog.  Please check requirements and FAQ’s for details.

More recently, I learned about this site called Linqia that will pay you to tweet! Linqia pays you per click and you get to work with big brands! I should note though that Linqia does have some requirements:

You must:

Have 2,500+ cumulative social followers or at least 2,500 monthly visitors to your blog or YouTube channel

Be located in the US or Canada

Post content regularly (at least monthly)

Head on over to Linqia to sign up!

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