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Fall Harvest Pumpkins DIY

It’s almost that time of year – my favorite season is almost upon us (of course there’s also summer). The leaves are beginning to turn and the aromas that fill the air are nothing less than heavenly.  I think fall is probably one of the most desired seasons for every DIY’er out there mainly for all the gorgeous decor and endless project possibilities.  This year, I decided to try my own hand at these DIY wooden harvest pumpkins.

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First, I cut the wooden pieces to the length I needed and stained the boards.  Then I began painting. To make the dots, I used stencil but you can also use those little paint dabbers that are circular shaped and come in various sizes.


This one has a Charlie Brown chevron theme going for it. (P.S. Fun Fact: I have always had a thing for Charlie Brown from a young age. I blame my desire for fall on this sole fact!)  For this, I also used stencil but the black, I just carefully but not so perfectly brushed on there.


While I let the paint dry, I cut some pieces of dowel rod for the stems then painted them a khaki color. Let those dry, and added them to the top of my pumpkins with some hot glue. When that was all said and done, I wrapped the stems with some jute by gluing it on sporadically and held the leaves on with the jute -wrapped around them. (Glue would help also.)

The only thing left was to sand the edges to give them that old rustic feel and below is the final outcome! I even added some candy corn for a fun addition. I absolutely love the way they turned out!



Below is another fun project I did recently. Let me know what you think!


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