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Wood Framed Farmhouse Sign - DIY

Wood Framed Farmhouse Sign – DIY

My home literally bleeds the farmhouse feel and look but while that IS the case, I’ve noticed that in all it’s farmhouse glory, I have not ONE sign that really reads “Farmhouse” – you know, like all other fellow farmhouse bloggers. Sooo…. in realizing this, I began my mission.

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I began with a scrap piece of board from my “she-shed”. It was much like a tempered hardboard panel. I painted it white with a matte spray paint and while I let that dry, I headed to my Cricut and began designing and printing my awesome Farmhouse stencil. Once the white Painted dried, I stenciled on the grey lettering using some grey paint I had around the house and a stencil brush.  Now when I used to stencil, I would either use a regular brush or one of those paint dabbers but ever since I have discovered stencil brushes, man I have not looked back!  They really help prevent bleeding and make your letters much neater and more crisp provided you don’t coat them in too much paint.  It’s an art, really!


So this is what it looked like after all of that was complete.  After, I went back to my “she-shed” to begin cutting the frame. I cut the frame to size and stained it a dark walnut color. I attached the frame by screwing in some smaller screws through the back first so they would come through the hardboard and just enough into the frame to hold it but not so much that the screws would show from the front. My last step was to distress it. To do that, I took some Valspar Antiquing Glaze (you can also use stain) and a rag to lightly go over the white I painted just to give it a light antique look. However, I did NOT go over the letters, just around them.  I really had ALOT of fun with this project. I hope you try your hand at it as well!


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