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Beautiful Darling sign for a sweet young lady!

My daughter’s new mission is to revamp her bedroom to farmhouse style. You know, gotta be like momma! So when she told me this was what she wanted, of course I was all ears!

Right now her room is more modern with the flashy gold, black and white. Cute and all, but the cleanliness and appeal has worn off over time so it’s time for an updo!
The Christmas season is almost upon us which had me thinking about redoing her room as part of her Christmas gift. Along with new bedding, she would also need new decor, which also meant new signs and quotes for her room. Gets me excited everytime! Another project! So, far and wide I searched on Etsy for the perfect little girly farmhouse quote.
In my search I found this sweet little thing:


The only thing you have that nobody else has is you.

Your voice.

Your mind.

Your story.

Your vision.

Your heart.

Your soul.

So laugh and sing,

Dance and play,

Write and draw,

Create and build.

Love and shine.

Stay true to yourself, embrace your inner beauty and remember to live life

as only you can

I freaking love how it turned out! In fact, I think I love it more that it’s homemade. After seeing how this turned out, I know I need to make more to complete her room. I probably saved over $100 by making this one sign which makes me super happy! I just hope she likes it like I do!
The stenciling was quite a job. Actually, I think making the stencil was worse than actually stenciling it onto the wood since all I have is my Cricut, which I love, don’t get me wrong, but I only have the smaller mat for it so I’m limited to how much or how many words I can cut at a time. Aside from that, totally worth it and I enjoyed myself at the same time. All I used was a piece of rugged plywood from the shed, stained, painted, distressed and waxed.
I love the way it looks like a child painted the little swirly designs (since I can’t freehand!), but it also totally looks like it was meant to be that way.  It is not perfect. None of my projects are, but I like them that way. They are one of a kind and handcrafted from the heart! Stay tuned because I plan on making more of these signs to go in her room! See more signs

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