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Fresh Farm Christmas Trees DIY

I realize that I’m posting this project AFTER Christmas (trust me, my daughter specifically pointed this out!) But do you ever, just for no apparent reason, want to create holiday projects regardless of what time of the year it is? I mean I don’t have that much DIY Christmas stuff yet anyway so better late than never, right?

I have these sudden urges to create and the Cricut was screaming at me with these ADORABLE holiday cut-outs that were dying to be made regardless the season.

Although it may have taken me over an hour [confession:maybe even 2] to make this project, considering my Cricut design space prefers to be fidgety and take an hour to load, I’d still say it was worth it.

I pulled a slab of wood from the shed (literally), stained a dark walnut. For most projects, this is my stain color preference. I brushed on a thick coat of white acrylic paint, just the kind you have around the house for other craft projects. Once that dried, I printed off my design on Cricut and stenciled it on.

I had to mix paint colors to get the right variation as I didn’t have the colors I wanted right on hand. I took a sander to it after all the paint had dried and distressed it. The last step was to apply some one-coat poly I had on hand just to prevent anything from damaging it. I’m pretty in love though!

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