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“IN OUR HOME” Wooden Farmhouse Sign

And another one. Yes, another sign which I adore. I was lucky enough to score a gift card for my birthday (happy birthday to me) for Hobby Lobby so when asked if I wanted to go check out their after Christmas sales, I couldn’t resist! That gift card was burning a hole in my pocket. The mere fact that it HAD to be spent at Hobby Lobby made it even better because then I could justify questions such as “why didn’t I spend it on groceries” or “why didn’t I spend it on [whatever]” , well because I couldn’t. No other retailer was going to accept that form of payment so I gladly accepted the fact that I had to spend it at one store and one store only.

My original plan was to go and try to find some clearance items I could sit on my newly hung rustic farmhouse industrial style shelves.

Well, that plan soon vanished from my mind as I slayed my way through every aisle of the store only to find this ginormous sign that spoke to me. It was talking about MY house. Yes, my house specifically. It read “In our home let love abide & bless those who come inside.” I FELL IN LOVE! Originally, I wanted something that spoke about family since it was going on the shelves where our family photos are, but I feel this sign gives visitors a sense of what kind of family we are, or strive to be. I want everyone that comes in to feel welcomed.

This thing is huge! And the wall it is leaning against is an A frame wall so it’s tall and there was plenty of space that needed to be taken up because it just looked so bare. I feel this really helps it stand out now. If you’re interested in a sign almost exactly like this one, you’re in luck! I know exactly where you can find one. Just [click here] and I’ll show you the way.

We can all use a little l❤ve in our lives.

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