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Currently my kitchen takes on some sort of little gingerbread cottage sort of feel for me.

I love the coziness of small spaces and warmth my kitchen brings. It actually feels like my own little bakery so I felt it appropriate to make this sign. And as you know, I love signs! Sadly I don’t have enough wall space for all the signs I want! Most farmhouse lovers own a bakery sign or market fresh sign or pantry sign (I want to make this too!) Or something similar so I wanted my own version.

I made the letters on my cricut. I wish I could tell you which font I used but I’m at a loss. Found a board in the shed already cut to size from previous projects. Hey, the less work, the better right?

First I stained it, then I painted it a flat black (spray paint, I cheated!), edges, sides and front then stenciled on my letters in white.

Distressed the edges so the stain and wood grain would show and I was almost done. Gave it a good coat of wax and that was it! I think it ties into my decor quite nicely if I do say so myself!

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