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Hairpin coffee table DIY

Let’s play blame the brain game for a minute, shall we? I COMPLETELY forgot to post about how I transformed this old, outdated coffee table into a 16″ tall hairpin table. COMPLETELY forgot about it. I know you were totally anticipating this transformation (or totally knew nothing about it) but either way, here she is!

I actually picked this table up years ago at a vintage shop in town, painted it teal and more recently stenciled it some kind of Moroccan design (I used what I had on hand and this just happened to be convenient ha!). But I wasnt happy with that. After seeing hairpin tables made, I knew this was what I wanted for this table. But how?

I have no idea! Such a daunting task. Just kidding. We GOT THIS!

I went online and searched for the correct height legs. Coffee tables tend to be around 16″ tall so I went in search of hairpin legs that height. To my surprise, I was able to find them at Wal-Mart of all places and ordered them immediately.

I unscrewed the wooden legs from the table and to the wood pile they went. I borrowed a belt sander and sanded off heavy layers of paint until all that was left was the wooden base. This part took ages! I think this explains my greying hair and forgetfulness!

Finally, when I was done with sanding, I took dark walnut stain and stained it a nice thick coat. After that, screwed on the legs (didnt even have to measure to space them because I live on the edge like that! <-Another reason for my symptoms noted above!), just screwed them on and there I had my table! Such a simple, easy, beautiful piece of furniture I am so proud to call my own and probably my favorite DIY yet!

Retro Hairpin Coffee table

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