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Lucky Shamrock Pancakes

While St. Patricks Day has come and gone, I still wanted to share with you a little something fun, quick and easy you could do with your children on this lucky day. We are Irish and proudly celebrate this holiday.

For starters, grab some pancake mix. I like to use the kind that you only have to add water too. I’m all about the quickness and simplicity of it! No other ingredients to add but of course, if you prefer, the other works just as well! Mix your pancake batter to the right consistency then get out your green gel food coloring. I think the gels are more vibrant for this than the liquid so I prefer to use it instead. Squuuueeeeze all that green goodness into your pancake batter. (Use alot!)

Now stir.

You can begin preheating your pan on the stove while doing this and dont forget to spray with oil beforehand!

Now spoon or pour the pancake batter in the pan as you normally would. To make it more fun. You can buy those squeeze bottles from the Dollar Tree and prepare your pancake batter in it and squeeze the batter into the pan in the shape of a clover if you prefer. Once done, you can top the pancakes with clover sprinkles if you have any or mix them in the pancake batter before use for a funfetti type of pancake.

Top with maple syrup or flavored syrup. Whatever your preference may be then enjoy!

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