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    “IN OUR HOME” Wooden Farmhouse Sign

    And another one. Yes, another sign which I adore. I was lucky enough to score a gift card for my birthday (happy birthday to me) for Hobby Lobby so when asked if I wanted to go check out their after Christmas sales, I couldn’t resist! That gift card was burning a hole in my pocket. The mere fact that it HAD to be spent at Hobby Lobby made it even better because then I could justify questions such as “why didn’t I spend it on groceries” or “why didn’t I spend it on [whatever]” , well because I couldn’t. No other retailer was going to accept that form of payment…

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    Fresh Farm Christmas Trees DIY

    I realize that I’m posting this project AFTER Christmas (trust me, my daughter specifically pointed this out!) But do you ever, just for no apparent reason, want to create holiday projects regardless of what time of the year it is? I mean I don’t have that much DIY Christmas stuff yet anyway so better late than never, right? I have these sudden urges to create and the Cricut was screaming at me with these ADORABLE holiday cut-outs that were dying to be made regardless the season. Although it may have taken me over an hour [confession:maybe even 2] to make this project, considering my Cricut design space prefers to be…

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    Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Eve! Just wanted to wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas and show you a little of what I have around my house.. It’s not Christmas without a tree! Already got some presents hiding under there. Wonder who the lucky recipients are? I remember being a child and just laying on the floor under the tree watching the lights twinkle and flicker. Back then we had those little elf lights that I’ll never forget. See the little red truck? That’s actually a sign made from a gift bag from Marshall’s and a homemade wood frame. Maybe you can see it better here.. Turned out pretty good if…

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    J.R.R. Tolkien quote sign

    I meant to post this a while back as it’s been some time since I actually purchased this item. However, I must admit to you that I am totally in love with it! I know many of you shop Etsy and although I love to make my own signs, sometimes you just don’t have the proper equipment or time to make the ones you really want and that’s where Etsy comes in as super convenient! I love shopping Etsy and while some of their prices are pretty high in my book, you do receive superior quality, at least in my experience! With that said, let me move on to what…

  • Wood Framed Farmhouse Sign - DIY
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    Wood Framed Farmhouse Sign – DIY

    My home literally bleeds the farmhouse feel and look but while that IS the case, I’ve noticed that in all it’s farmhouse glory, I have not ONE sign that really reads “Farmhouse” – you know, like all other fellow farmhouse bloggers. Sooo…. in realizing this, I began my mission. I began with a scrap piece of board from my “she-shed”. It was much like a tempered hardboard panel. I painted it white with a matte spray paint and while I let that dry, I headed to my Cricut and began designing and printing my awesome Farmhouse stencil. Once the white Painted dried, I stenciled on the grey lettering using some…