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    Give Your Outdoors a Juicy Makeover this Summer!

    Everyone knows watermelon is the reason for the season. In this post, we’re not talking about eating them, we’re not talking about growing them, but rather decorating with them.  This adorable garden flag has everything to love and nothing not to! I love the fact that it displays the “hello summer” quote and the colors are so vibrant and happy! I’m loving the mint green. I would gladly display this in my landscaping. In fact, I just might have to! There are so many flag options!  If your primitive, you could go with this crowe + flag watermelon option.  How adorable and welcoming are these? I used to decorate primitive…

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    Loving my $30 Farmhouse Corner Table

    I’ve been wanting something to fill this corner space for a while. Before, it held a short round end table here but it wasn’t enough. I needed something with height (this one stands about 3′ tall) in the farmhouse look only problem was I didn’t have much to spend. So after brainstorming, happened the creation of the $30 table. Why only $30? Well, all I had to pay was for the cost of wood. Tools and all supplies were already had so if you have to go out and buy those to make this, I suppose this table would cost you a bit more. But the good thing is, in…

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    Home Decor Minus the Price Tag!

    Well I’m sure by now many of you are wondering why I even chose to include this company on my blog and why I’m such a huge advocate for them.  There’s a couple reasons for this – For one, they are pretty darn frugal!  Secondly, they have such a WIDE variety to offer!  Most people know Oriental Trading for their party supplies and decorations but let me tell you, that is not ALL they have to offer!  While they do also offer alot for the holidays, they also offer items for everyday decor such as wreaths, birdcages, personalized signs, throws, pillows, etc. They are a great resource for the holidays…

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    DIY Dresser Up-Do!

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission at no cost to you.  Here is an older project but one I definitely enjoyed doing! With a day of nothingness, and a can of paint and brush laying around, boredom became utter heaven (now to do something with the deck, ick!). Below is the final product (It was previously a deep yellow color). I’ve had this thing for years and it’s been repainted before but never to a color I was content with.  Took off the handles, spray painted them black, painted the dresser and distressed it up a bit. Voila! and it’s a brand new piece of…

  • Farmhouse Decor that has Gained Popularity
    Decor,  DIY

    Farmhouse Decor that has Gained Popularity

    Farmhouse decor is all the rave right now and it’s not difficult to see why.  From wood framed wall art to farmhouse sinks, nothing says “cozy living” more than snuggling up to your own DIY or store bought farmhouse pillow. So what are the big selling items these days?  Let’s start with the Tobacco Basket. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission at no cost to you. What are home decorating experts doing with these?  Well, you can mainly find these hanging above a fireplace mantle or above a buffet.  You can add items such as a wreath or a star to them, even a picture or a monogrammed letter.  You…