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    Stamped Book Stacks DIY

    Well, us Pinterest freaks have all seen these and they are certainly all the buzz! I inherited a few stacks of old vintage books in the last year and there they’ve sat, on a shelf collecting dust and let me tell you, they are good for that!But what they’re also good for is what is known as “stamped books” decor and if you’re a farmhouse lover, you know what train I’m jumpin on here! So let’s get down to the DIY gritty.I took some regular old white craft paint from the paint section in Wal-Mart, painted each side of the books and let dry. They were quick to dry too…

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    Hummingbird Nectar DIY

    Summers well on it’s way so it’s time to start humming away outside in an attempt to make everything beautiful again! Who doesn’t love plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds? Well if you’re no good at keeping green things alive (like me), you might opt to make some hummingbird nectar instead. This easy recipe will have you attracting those gorgeous creatures in no time! Items needed: Pan for boiling the nectar A bowl or other similar item with a pour spout If you you don’t have a bowl with a pour spout, use a funnel 1 cup sugar 4 cups boiling water Hummingbird feeder Pour the 4 cups of water…

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    BAKERY sign [DIY]

    Currently my kitchen takes on some sort of little gingerbread cottage sort of feel for me. I love the coziness of small spaces and warmth my kitchen brings. It actually feels like my own little bakery so I felt it appropriate to make this sign. And as you know, I love signs! Sadly I don’t have enough wall space for all the signs I want! Most farmhouse lovers own a bakery sign or market fresh sign or pantry sign (I want to make this too!) Or something similar so I wanted my own version. I made the letters on my cricut. I wish I could tell you which font I…

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    Hairpin coffee table DIY

    Let’s play blame the brain game for a minute, shall we? I COMPLETELY forgot to post about how I transformed this old, outdated coffee table into a 16″ tall hairpin table. COMPLETELY forgot about it. I know you were totally anticipating this transformation (or totally knew nothing about it) but either way, here she is! I actually picked this table up years ago at a vintage shop in town, painted it teal and more recently stenciled it some kind of Moroccan design (I used what I had on hand and this just happened to be convenient ha!). But I wasnt happy with that. After seeing hairpin tables made, I knew…

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    Fresh Farm Christmas Trees DIY

    I realize that I’m posting this project AFTER Christmas (trust me, my daughter specifically pointed this out!) But do you ever, just for no apparent reason, want to create holiday projects regardless of what time of the year it is? I mean I don’t have that much DIY Christmas stuff yet anyway so better late than never, right? I have these sudden urges to create and the Cricut was screaming at me with these ADORABLE holiday cut-outs that were dying to be made regardless the season. Although it may have taken me over an hour [confession:maybe even 2] to make this project, considering my Cricut design space prefers to be…