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    Fresh Farm Christmas Trees DIY

    I realize that I’m posting this project AFTER Christmas (trust me, my daughter specifically pointed this out!) But do you ever, just for no apparent reason, want to create holiday projects regardless of what time of the year it is? I mean I don’t have that much DIY Christmas stuff yet anyway so better late than never, right? I have these sudden urges to create and the Cricut was screaming at me with these ADORABLE holiday cut-outs that were dying to be made regardless the season. Although it may have taken me over an hour [confession:maybe even 2] to make this project, considering my Cricut design space prefers to be…

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    Farmhouse Lyric sign

    As you know, my daughter is desperately wanting to change up her room to the farmhouse decor as opposed to the modern look she has now. While her room is adorable as is, who can blame her for desiring the comfy, cozy farmhouse feel? So as one of her Christmas gifts, she asked for a sign with her favorite lyrics by her favorite country singer, Luke Bryan. Desperately seeking a project, I got busy right away. I started with my Cricut and began making the lyrics to “Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat.” On a chilly, wintery day, (Ironic, right? don’t worry, I’ll make this story short!) I headed out to the…

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    Beautiful Darling sign for a sweet young lady!

    My daughter’s new mission is to revamp her bedroom to farmhouse style. You know, gotta be like momma! So when she told me this was what she wanted, of course I was all ears! Right now her room is more modern with the flashy gold, black and white. Cute and all, but the cleanliness and appeal has worn off over time so it’s time for an updo! The Christmas season is almost upon us which had me thinking about redoing her room as part of her Christmas gift. Along with new bedding, she would also need new decor, which also meant new signs and quotes for her room. Gets me…

  • Wood Framed Farmhouse Sign - DIY
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    Wood Framed Farmhouse Sign – DIY

    My home literally bleeds the farmhouse feel and look but while that IS the case, I’ve noticed that in all it’s farmhouse glory, I have not ONE sign that really reads “Farmhouse” – you know, like all other fellow farmhouse bloggers. Sooo…. in realizing this, I began my mission. I began with a scrap piece of board from my “she-shed”. It was much like a tempered hardboard panel. I painted it white with a matte spray paint and while I let that dry, I headed to my Cricut and began designing and printing my awesome Farmhouse stencil. Once the white Painted dried, I stenciled on the grey lettering using some…

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    Fall Harvest Pumpkins DIY

    It’s almost that time of year – my favorite season is almost upon us (of course there’s also summer). The leaves are beginning to turn and the aromas that fill the air are nothing less than heavenly.  I think fall is probably one of the most desired seasons for every DIY’er out there mainly for all the gorgeous decor and endless project possibilities.  This year, I decided to try my own hand at these DIY wooden harvest pumpkins. First, I cut the wooden pieces to the length I needed and stained the boards.  Then I began painting. To make the dots, I used stencil but you can also use those…