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    Blue Krystal Rock Candy

    Hey kids! Welcome to another episode of rainy day blues..yeah, the weather outside is frightful but the candy’s so delightful! Ok, I’ll stop..really though, here is a fun, EASY recipe for you and your kiddos for these cabin fever days. Ingredients: 1 cup of water 4 cups of sugar 1 1/4 cups of corn syrup Blue food coloring Steps: Combine all ingredients into a pan and boil on the stove until all is dissolved. Feel free to add vanilla or whatever flavoring you might like! (Not required!) Once the mixture boils and dissolves, pour onto a baking sheet much like the one pictured and let cool for 1 hour. Once…

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    Lucky Shamrock Pancakes

    While St. Patricks Day has come and gone, I still wanted to share with you a little something fun, quick and easy you could do with your children on this lucky day. We are Irish and proudly celebrate this holiday. For starters, grab some pancake mix. I like to use the kind that you only have to add water too. I’m all about the quickness and simplicity of it! No other ingredients to add but of course, if you prefer, the other works just as well! Mix your pancake batter to the right consistency then get out your green gel food coloring. I think the gels are more vibrant for…

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    Breakfast finger food for the fam!

    I wanted to share with you this fun little breakfast finger food for the whole family. Some of you probably already know this one, but some may not. Pigs in a blanket. Why are they called this? Well, they are made of only 2 ingredients. Sausage links (your choice, cheese, maple or regular) and biscuits or crescent rolls (also your preference). We prefer to use the crescent rolls over biscuits because we like the taste better. All you do is take your sausage links (thawed) and wrap them in crescent rolls. Spray your baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Once you’ve got all…

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    Old Beef Stroganoff Recipe

    I thought today I’d share with you a recipe I’ve loved since I was a child. Finally made it myself the other day and it turned out just as I remembered it growing up. Here’s what you’ll need: Rump roast (or similar meat) Cooking Oil 2 packages beef stroganoff seasoning 2 cups sour cream 4 tbsp. Water 1 small can tomato paste First, you want to cut your meat into small pieces -this meat is a chore to chew so make sure they’re small bites especially if making this for little ones. Add your oil to your frying pan with the meat and begin frying until all the meat is…