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  • The "What Nots"

    The Versatile Blogger Award

    Welcome back! I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog thus far. I have some happy and exciting news for you this week! I’ve never been nominated for this award before, in fact, I never even knew it existed before now. Just so happens there is an award called “The Versatile Blogger Award” that I was recently nominated for. Now, I know there are a bluezillion blogs out there and some really outstanding ones at that so i consider it a high and mighty privilege to be honored with this nomination and I am going to be passing on the love!💕 However, there are rules to winning this award. They are as…

  • Decor,  DIY

    BAKERY sign [DIY]

    Currently my kitchen takes on some sort of little gingerbread cottage sort of feel for me. I love the coziness of small spaces and warmth my kitchen brings. It actually feels like my own little bakery so I felt it appropriate to make this sign. And as you know, I love signs! Sadly I don’t have enough wall space for all the signs I want! Most farmhouse lovers own a bakery sign or market fresh sign or pantry sign (I want to make this too!) Or something similar so I wanted my own version. I made the letters on my cricut. I wish I could tell you which font I…

  • Decor,  DIY

    Hairpin coffee table DIY

    Let’s play blame the brain game for a minute, shall we? I COMPLETELY forgot to post about how I transformed this old, outdated coffee table into a 16″ tall hairpin table. COMPLETELY forgot about it. I know you were totally anticipating this transformation (or totally knew nothing about it) but either way, here she is! I actually picked this table up years ago at a vintage shop in town, painted it teal and more recently stenciled it some kind of Moroccan design (I used what I had on hand and this just happened to be convenient ha!). But I wasnt happy with that. After seeing hairpin tables made, I knew…

  • Recipes

    Breakfast finger food for the fam!

    I wanted to share with you this fun little breakfast finger food for the whole family. Some of you probably already know this one, but some may not. Pigs in a blanket. Why are they called this? Well, they are made of only 2 ingredients. Sausage links (your choice, cheese, maple or regular) and biscuits or crescent rolls (also your preference). We prefer to use the crescent rolls over biscuits because we like the taste better. All you do is take your sausage links (thawed) and wrap them in crescent rolls. Spray your baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Once you’ve got all…

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    Becoming a Brand Ambassador (cont.)

    Remember when I mentioned a while back the many sites you could visit to become a brand ambassador? (If not, don’t worry. I’ll take you there in a minute!) I’ve found another site worth mentioning. It’s called Glambassador. How does it work? Well, first things first. Visit the site to register. Next, you’ll want to visit your email you gave them to verify your account. Once that’s done, you can log in and complete your public profile. Verify and connect your social media accounts you plan to use for ambassadorification, (Ha! That’s a new one!) whether you plan on using Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Youtube or all of the above. Now,…