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  • Decor,  DIY

    BAKERY sign [DIY]

    Currently my kitchen takes on some sort of little gingerbread cottage sort of feel for me. I love the coziness of small spaces and warmth my kitchen brings. It actually feels like my own little bakery so I felt it appropriate to make this sign. And as you know, I love signs! Sadly I don’t have enough wall space for all the signs I want! Most farmhouse lovers own a bakery sign or market fresh sign or pantry sign (I want to make this too!) Or something similar so I wanted my own version. I made the letters on my cricut. I wish I could tell you which font I…

  • DIY Dog Tent

    DIY Doggie Tent Don’ts

    Well, I’m not afraid to admit defeat.  When my daughter came home one day insisting we make our very own DIY doggie tent for our new Chihuahua (Her name is Koti:), I thought sure! Easy enough.. I had seen others do it and thought it would be a pretty simple task.  We hopped in the vehicle and off to the store we went for supplies.  We gathered the material of her choice, about 10 wooden dowel rods (ok, maybe about half that in the beginning.  We had to make extra trips!) and she got her glue gun insisting it would help. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I…

  • Decor

    Decorate with Displate!

    Love finding unique items? If so, then we have something in common!  I have to tell you about a site I came across that sells gorgeous metal wall plates with a variety of artwork on them.  These are genius and totally classy looking!  You can shop by brand or artist and these plates are sold as displates (single plate) or multiplates (metal plates with 2 or more corresponding plates).  They come in beautiful designs chosen by you and are easily mounted with a magnetic strip to your wall for easy hanging.  These would make an awesome, unique gift idea for any occasion! This post may contain affiliate links, which means…